Outsourced Systems Administrator

Do you need a good Systems Administrator but cannot afford or find one? Talk to us about Out-Sourcing!
We have a combined 30 Years experience in many operating systems.

Mac OS X

Need Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server specialists? Your Xserve needs a doctor?
Talk to us. We are the first in Malaysia to be Apple Certified Technical Coordinators.

yes, ALL of us at OpenSOS are ACTCs.

Hosting Service

Need to host your domain? We provide domain, e-mail and web hosting for small companies.

E-Mail Anti-virus and SPAM filter Service

Running your own mail server? Tired of Virus infected mails and SPAM? Our mail anti-virus and spam filter service can reduce this annoyance.

Server Hardening and Security Assessment

This service is to assess, evaluate and harden the security of an existing network and server infrastructure.

ISP and Internet Datacentre Infrastructure

Consultancy, site, systems and network design, vendor/product evaluation, project management and deployment of infrastructure for Internet Data Centres.

The OpenSOS team were part of the team that designed and built the MyLoca Internet Data Centre.

Systems and Network Infrastructure

IT infrastructure deployment services for new or existing networks and servers such as server hardening, centralised logging, bastion hosts, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, honey-pots and honey-nets.

Computer System Performance and Capacity Assessment & Planning

This service is to assess and evaluate the performance of a computer system and assist clients to choose the most cost effective upgrade, or if possible make configuration changes on the system to improve performance (tuning).
Capacity planning services assist clients in planning an upgrade path for their system, essential during the current industry trend of server consolidation.

Quick Computer System Performance Assessment for Solaris

This is a quick service to determine the performance level of your Solaris Servers. We will provide some scripts to collect data from your server and from the collected data, we will produce a 1-2 page report on your server performance. Use this service to quickly determine if any server needs more detailed analysis.

Open Source Software Components

Need any Open Source software components with your commercial Unix platform? We can deploy and support those software components.