Mail Fission

Spam Filter and Anti-virus Service

Mail Fission


This is a platform independent E-Mail Anti-virus and Spam filter service to your organisation's Junk Mail volume and also help ease the network load on your internet connection.


The scope of the solution will include the following primary components:


Mail Fission Flow

This solution will enable your organisation to reduce your inbound e-mail traffic from the internet by having junk mail filtered and removed before it travels down your internet link.
This will help reduce the traffic generated by email services. All e-mail bound for your domain will be redirected to our server for scanning and processing before it is relayed to your mail server.

E-Mail Blacklist block

E-mail originating from known spam sources will be blocked at point of delivery. These blacklists are run by several organisations in a cooperative effort to reduce spam worldwide. Users using these blacklisted servers will not be able to send mail to your organisation. They will have to get their mail server administrator to work with the blacklist operator to have their server de-listed.

SPF: Sender Policy Framework Check

We check for SPF records. If a spammer tries to spoof a mail with a domain with SPF records deployed, the mail will be rejected.

For more information on SPF, go here.

Invalid Mail Server Check

As most spammers (or home users with infected computers) use dial-up or broadband connections to send spam. Therefore connecting mail servers will be checked to see if they are valid mail servers.

We employ the following mail server checks.

  1. Senders mail server must identify itself with a proper name.
    Servers identifying itself with an IP number will not be accepted.
  2. Spoofed mail server. (Mail server claiming to be me).

E-Mail Anti-virus

All e-mail will be scanned for virus and are deleted immediately. Almost 90% of e-mail virus today is sent by virus infected computers.

E-Mail Spam filter

All e-mail will be inspected for spam content. Spam e-mails will be scored and separated into 2 groups. Definite spam and possible spam.

Either Spam group can be configured to be delivered with a modified e-mail subject header or deleted.


The only configuration required is to change the DNS server to designate our server as the mail server for your domain.

Service Options

We hae 3 Service options to suit your needs.

  1. Subscription service on a shared server hosted by us
  2. Subscription service on a dedicated server hosted by us
  3. Application server located in your data center managed by us

SPAM Statistics

This is the statistics of spam filtered on our server over a 1 month period.

Mail Fission Statistics